Hi everyone! We know there are some small errors/plot holes, but we hope you enjoy our Halloween event! We have made a little tweak to this site to help you out. ;)

The Fairview Web Team is a student-run organization that manages and maintains the Fairview High School website.

We meet every Friday after school at 3:30pm. Anyone, regardless of programming experience, is welcome to join.

Web Team previously met in Room 424 but as of 2018, has yet to confirm a meeting location due to ongoing construction. Please bear with us!


The Fairview website's functionality is mainly written using Ruby on Rails. The GUI is designed using a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Web Team uses GitHub to handle version control. For those who aren't familiar, you can think of GitHub as Google Drive for programmers.

We use a wide variety of laptops and operating systems. Whether you use Windows or Mac OS, bring your laptop to one of our meetings, and we'll help you set up everything you need to start contributing!